Follow Up to “Parked In the Bike Lane”

Lancine Bentley, with City of Denton/Keep Denton Beautiful, provided clarification on the earlier “Parked In the Bike Lane” post.

Just to clarify……the Code Enforcement Officer is not actually parked in the bike lane but is taking pictures of the vegetation growing into the bike lane.  He was following up on a complaint received by a citizen, more than likely a concerned cyclist.  So…we are trying to do our part to keep bike lanes accessible and safe for the cycling public.

And on that positive note, I’ll say that yesterday eve I saw five other cyclists in the Hinkle bike lanes during my daily ride home from UNT Discovery Park.  Over the last few years of riding this route daily, I think more and more folks are using it.  Last week I met a gentleman in a wheelchair who uses the bike lane to get to Northlakes Park because Hinkle lacks a sidewalk.

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One thought on “Follow Up to “Parked In the Bike Lane”

  1. sunny says:

    I have seen a lot of joggers utilize that lane as well because the sidewalks end any other way you go.

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