Denton Square Gets Bike Racks


After 100+ years of bike traffic on the Denton square, city staff installed serpentine racks to accommodate bicycles.

As previously mentioned, city staff indicated that bike racks were due to be installed soon.  This week, we started seeing some of the smaller ones appearing on or near the square.  So far there are small racks by Banter and Beth Marie’s, and the larger ones should appear soon.

City Contact: Julie Glover, Economic Development Program Administrator

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4 thoughts on “Denton Square Gets Bike Racks

  1. lil' J says:

    As of yesterday afternoon there is a bike rack in front of Recycled, it racked my bike quite nicely thankyou

  2. j.w. says:

    ice cream ride tonight? meetyathere

  3. Bravo! I was so pleasantly surprised this weekend to have a place to park my bike… that wasn’t on a “no parking” sign.

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