Denton Pedicab Service Proposed

Over the years, Denton locals have consistently mentioned the idea of having pedicab service to the downtown and university zones, but until now, we haven’t heard of any proposals reaching city staff desks.

Christine Niblo, Denton resident, proposes to provide pedicab service to the downtown area. In the Operational Outline document, the services/benefits are succinctly summarized:

Denton Pedicab will:

  • provide clean, emissions-free, affordable transportation to the central Denton area, including UNT, TWU, and the downtown square
  • enhance the visibility of the downtown square to newcomers, particularly university students and their parents
  • help reduce the parking burden at and near the downtown square, thus enhancing the downtown experience for Dentonites, tourists, and business-owners
  • enhance the unique and friendly downtown Denton atmosphere with an attractive and locally-owned novelty
  • provide opportunities for community businesses, organizations, and individuals to charter pedicabs for special occasions and events

Christine reports that she’s submitted her proposal to Denton city staff, and she says she included examples of regulatory ordinance from other cities which have pedicab service.

I’m currently still awaiting the City’s verdict about the legal standing of a pedicab operation in Denton.

The proposal document touts the many ecological benefits of pedicab service, which fall in line with the city’s stated goal of increasing transit diversity and reducing single-occupant vehicle use.

Because pedicab operation is sustainable, the opportunities Denton Pedicab will provide to the community will be long-lasting. No natural resources will be depleted in order to operate pedicabs; therefore, their operation will not be affected by the price of oil, or state emissions standards. No pollution or waste will be caused by the operation of pedicabs.

Denton Pedicab will take great care to employ sustainable practices in all facets of its business, thus optimizing its potential for longevity. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of recycled, renewable, natural, and eco-friendly supplies like paper and cleaning products; as well as a commitment to serving the local community and economy.

Denton Pedicab will offer inspiration and vision to the community by bringing this service to the area at a time when the current transportation paradigm is shifting away from fossil fuels and petroleum-based products. Denton Pedicab will bring the City of Denton one step closer to the sustainability that is so desperately required by these transitional times.

The pedicabs to be used are manufactured in America by Main Street Pedicabs, and feature stout design and safety features like turn signals and 12V lighting.


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8 thoughts on “Denton Pedicab Service Proposed

  1. Robert Alberts says:

    I support proposal and would like to invest in the project.

    • Laurent Prouvost says:

      hi there ,

      You can contact us for more on Denton Pedicab opportunities.

      Best Regards


  2. Cooper Barner says:

    I want to ride for this business!

  3. Laurent Prouvost says:

    hi everybody,

    I’m here to thank you for your support in the project Denton Pedicab if you want to have more informatin about eventual investments in Denton Pedicab please contact us.We are currently working on that project for opening Soon .We are looking farward to hear from you.

    Laurent and Christine
    Artisan Roots Denton Pedicab

    See y’all on the streets SOON

  4. […] in July, we blogged about Christine and Laurent’s pedicab proposal, and after the city mulled about whether or […]

  5. Scott McCall says:

    I rode for a pedicab service on Sundance square in downtown Ft. Worth, and still maintain my pedicab permit. I would be interested in talkin to you. Please call. 214-679-1261

  6. james myers says:

    Several times I knew faculty in the hiring process, always wanting to show denton off to newcomers who didn’t know too much…or anything…about it.
    Get contacts to each faculty department, and offer a tour to the people interviewing for new positions. Most of them at that point will be hired, and then they’ll almost certainly share this with their students.

  7. Bryce Benton says:

    Great suggestion, James!

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