BicyclePath Time Trials tonight

Bicycle Path owner, Gary, posted on the Corinth Cycling Club forums that the Time Trial series has a new location.

Hello, Time Trials are on for this week. We do have a last min. change of locations. I would appreciate help spreading the word. It will be held off of Airport Rd and Northwestern. This is just down from the Peterbuilt Plant.

The new route will be a loop were we will do two laps. It will start on North Western head up Airport road taking a right on Masch Branch to Jim Christal and back on North Western. Should be fast and low traffic.

If I remember correctly, that’s a really nice low-traffic area just West of town.  It’ll be hot, but that’s as good of a place to ride fast as any I can imagine around town.

Bicycle Path does several weekly group rides, with varying pace, and for mountain and road bikes.  Check out their community page for more details and results from the Time Trial events.

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