Reminder: Public Hearing on Oak/Hickory Bike Lanes, 5:30 today


If you can be here, please try and make it, this is really really important to the future of cycling infrastructure in Denton.

The Denton Record Chronicle covered this in last Saturday’s paper, and we encourage as much public input and attendance as possible.  If you register to speak your opinion, you get 3 minutes, so brevity is the key here.

I’m not sure if Denton has ever had mass civic interaction with cyclists like this, so I think that major cyclist attendance tonight could have a really significant impact on city staff/political awareness of the Denton cycling community.

There’s a good chance we could go to eat/drink at Banter Coffee afterwards, so feel free to ride from City Hall to Banter with us after the hearing.

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One thought on “Reminder: Public Hearing on Oak/Hickory Bike Lanes, 5:30 today

  1. lil' J says:

    I’ll be there… in my TT aero skin-suit

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