DCTA “Dump the Pump” Day

Denton Record-Chronicle’s BJ Lewis mentions that DCTA is giving free bus rides today in celebration of national Dump the Pump day.

Sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association, Dump the Pump Day encourages people to save money, protect the environment, reduce oil dependency and improve air quality, said Dee Leggett, DCTA vice president for communications and planning.

“In today’s economic climate, any way you can pinch pennies and save money is good, and public transportation can do that,” she said. “It’s smarter environmentally, smarter on your pocketbook and leaves discretionary money in other areas of their life rather than putting it into cars.”

Individuals can save more than $8,000 annually by taking public transportation instead of driving, and living with one less car, according to the association’s Web site.

I use the DCTA service quite often, sometimes daily, and it works in nice harmony with cycling in Denton.  They’ve transitioned almost all the buses to have front bicycle racks, and the coverage has expanded nicely in recent years.

Dee’s comments are relevant and true, and I’d say they’re also apropos for cycling instead of driving.  I sold my car two years ago, and now my wife and I share the remaining car, although we both cycle far more than we drive.  The financial, health, and happiness benefits have been really noticeable, and really welcome.

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