Blackberry Ride?

Today’s Denton Record Chronicle mentions that a blackberry farm in Sanger is now open for summer.

Duck Creek Blackberry Farm, 5037 Duck Creek Road in Sanger, has opened for the season, offering pick-your-own blackberries through late July.

This is the fifth year the farm has been in operation. To check days and hours of operation and availability of berries, visit

The website states that they’re open 7-10AM on Saturdays, but that they usually sell out by 9AM.

At about 15 miles, this sounds like a great early morning country ride.  Maybe there’s a nice cafe in Sanger to get lunch after picking berries?  If we start riding at 6AM, I’d guess we could be there around 7 to 7:30.

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One thought on “Blackberry Ride?

  1. shelby says:

    also their is a what used to be a big blackberry patch in the field on the corner of mayhill and…well i can’t find the street but heres the map,-97.083695&spn=0.001041,0.001725&t=h&z=19

    I say it used to be huge, but they mowed the bramble down. However there are still plenty of berries to be had from the bushes under the trees.

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