BFOC Bike Lane Primer

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff posted a nice primer on bike lane basics, which is important, because bike lanes are often installed haphazardly and this can lead to more accidents than no bike lane at all.  We’ve all seen these: bike lanes that disappear into vehicle right-turn lanes, bike lanes without enough buffer, tiny bike lanes, bike lanes without no-parking signs, etc.

I really love the idea of bike-boxes, as they would prevent right-hook collisions, which are at great potential for the Hickory St/Carroll intersection in Denton.

Here’s a shot of a Portland bike box during installation:

I’ve been out measuring the street and bike lane dimensions on Hickory St recently, and I’m planning an upcoming post comparing the Denton bike lane designs to the recommended AASHTO standards.   AASHTO sets the industry standards for bicycle facility design.

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