Fortworthology Goes To Portland

I’ve been to Portland quite a few times, and I really enjoy the transit variety there.  Buses, streetcars, MET train (free in downtown, has bike hooks), tons of bike lanes, and even bike lanes on bridges.  Portland has a “Last Thursday” art-walk in Portland which is now car free, after the city agreed to repeating street closures.  For a Texan, the experience can be pretty overwhelming, and the openness towards multi-modal transit and new urbanism contributes to Portland’s appeal to the creative class.  

There are so many things I enjoy about Portland that they’re hard for me to succinctly articulate.  Lucky for me, Fortworthology has already written a series of articles about Portland, and this one is about cycling in Portland.

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2 thoughts on “Fortworthology Goes To Portland

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the series.

  2. Tony says:

    I wish the city I live in in Tasmania had more bike lanes, I stick to the footpaths mostly on the way to & from work because the roads are to deadly as most drivers here seem to have the opinion that cyclists shouldn’t be on the road

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