Jim Christal

I don’t know who Jim Christal was, but I do like riding on Jim Christal road out west of Denton.  Querencia recently led a community ride out that way, and I’ve enjoyed riding out there for years.  It’s an easy place to ride to, and it feels like you’re instantly transported far from any city.  It’s paved for quite a long way, and you can ride it on any type of bike.

Here are some residents of Jim Christal road:



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2 thoughts on “Jim Christal

  1. I need to head out to the Denton area for a ride. Looks like some nice scenery out there. You should check out http://chris-pondero.blogspot.com/

  2. howarddraper says:

    Awesome; I just added Chris’s link to the blogroll. I love his content. It’s what I consider the most important part of cycling coverage: the simple joys of riding. I aspire to write about that so much more than I do at present.

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