Bike Rack at recent DCTA public meeting

So beautiful.


Here’s a recap of what we learned from DCTA at the meeting:

  • new Rail Trail will be 8 ft wide, paved, with 3 ft wide paved shoulders
  • (quite handsome) white stone sound barrier wall between trail and rail
  • first 18 months of operation, DCTA will use ooooold rail cars, full diesel, with no bike accommodations.  However, when asked if we could bring bikes on the train, the DCTA director responded that we could as long as no wheelchairs are displaced.  After 18 months, we’ll see the newer hybrid-diesel ground level cars with 4-6 bike hooks each.
  • the train will not run on Sundays
  • train will traverse loop 288 via an overpass
  • yes, the current rail trail will be interrupted during construction, and they’ll be building the new trail and rail simultaneously.  Both will be done in segments.
  • DCTA seemed to appreciate the participation of Denton cyclists.  They mentioned that they’d love to have a cyclist on the DCTA citizen advisory board.  The DCTA directors came by the bike racks and made friendly conversation after the meeting.
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2 thoughts on “Bike Rack at recent DCTA public meeting

  1. James says:

    Unfortunately cyclists will not be able to cross Lake Lewisville.

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