DCTA A-Train & Rail Trail meeting tonight, 6:30

Our friends at Querencia Community Bike Shop just posted up a handy reminder that DCTA is hosting a public meeting about the coming A-Train for DCTA.  This is a huge change for Denton, and we’ve heard that the last public meeting had about 30 attendees.  If 10 of us show up on bicycle, that’s a huge representative sample of the interested community.  If you ride a bicycle and are concerned/interested in the transit station downtown and bike accommodations on the train, NOW is the time to ask.  

I’ve heard that the train will be built on top of the existing rail trail, and supposedly the rail trail will be rebuilt later.  I’d like to ask about the timeline for when the trail will be rebuilt, because I rely on it for safe passage to Loop 288 stores.  

Will the train cars have bike hooks?  If they do, imagine the possibilities.  Bike camping, riding in Dallas, etc.  

Public Meeting, 6:30PM

Fred Moore High School Gym
815 Cross Timber St
Denton, TX 76205

Near the intersection of Robertson St. and Morse St.

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One thought on “DCTA A-Train & Rail Trail meeting tonight, 6:30

  1. Kati says:

    I thought the presentation was very informative, and that DCTA was helpful in answering citizen’s questions and gentle in responding to citizen’s comments.

    I thought that the bike population was well represented in the crowd that attended. I was, however, discouraged to discover that for the first 18 months of running service, an “interim” train will be provided that does not have bike transport accommodation. But the long-term train will have bike hooks.

    I did ask about bringing a bike onto the train, even without hooks. Ray Green, General Manager of Rail Operations, answered by stating that bikes would be allowed on the trains (without hooks) provided that those with disabilities, specifically those in wheelchairs, were not disadvantaged.

    It was good to be there. And it was good to see the bike rack outside filled with bikes.

    Also: the accompanying pedestrian and bike trail that follows the train tracks (replacing the rail trail) will be an 8 foot wide paved sidewalk. Very nice.

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