recycle electronic junk by bike

I can’t find much to like about big box stores, but Best Buy just announced a really intelligent electronics recycling program.  They claim to adhere to some pretty high standards, and this is way beyond the pay-for-nice-electronics program that Radio Shack offers.  

The intelligent part is that they give you a $10 gift card to offset the $10 cost of recycling a TV (under 32″) or monitor.  They just used a recycling program to get you to walk into a brick-and-mortar store, with a gift card in hand, during a severe recession.  No small task.  

By comparison, the City of Denton electronics recycling program is more expensive ($15 for a TV/monitor), farther away from the city center (especially by bike), and only open M-F 7-4 Sat 7-12.    

I just bought a nice Burley bike trailer.  Someone give me a TV or monitor to haul to Best Buy, seriously.  Sound perilous?  It’s not.  The Denton Rail Trail goes all the way to the Best Buy entrance.


One thought on “recycle electronic junk by bike

  1. Jon Triantafyllou says:

    First of all, congrats on the site. I’ve been looking for places to recycle my used batteries. Supertarget apparently accepts them, though I’ve never actually gone to verify this.
    My roomate has an old computer monitor (the enormous box type that takes up your whole desk). I’ll ask him if he’s willing to recycle it yet, as it’s been sitting on the kitchen floor for weeks.

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