14% of Denton ride bicycles as primary transportation!?

UPDATE 2/8: The DentonRC just published a front page article discussing these same survey results. Unfortunately they only mentioned the top two citizen complaints. #3 is walking and bicycle trails. 😦

So I noticed the city posted a link on their site to some survey results. There’s a wealth of important data here, and a significant portion illuminating how dentonites feel about the state of our sidewalks and bike paths. There’s so much data that I’ll just post this little tidbit to get the ball rolling.

Respondents were asked how often they use a bicycle as a primary mode of
transportation. As shown in Figure 7, 85.9 percent of respondents answered “never.”
Fourteen percent used a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation either daily (2.8
percent), weekly (4.3 percent) or monthly (7.0 percent).
Primary usage of a bicycle (at least monthly) was greater among male respondents,
college graduates, employed respondents, renters, respondents with children under 18
living in the household, and Internet survey respondents (see Table 70).

So if that survey was assumed to represent the entire city population of 115,506, that would mean 16,171 people are riding bikes as their primary transportation.

Another quick observation which deserves discussion is that bike and walking trails received the 3rd highest negative response from all city service categories. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Cyclists and pedestrians of Denton, find your voice.


One thought on “14% of Denton ride bicycles as primary transportation!?

  1. justinwayne says:

    whoah! thats a lot of bicyclists/pedestrians – this is soo false

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