Ali Foyt has the right idea

Credit to Devin Taylor for finding this morning’s breath of fresh air in the letters to the editor at Denton Record Chronicle. Hopefully we’ll see DRC write some feature articles about cycling, since now we’re seeing letters and last week’s NTDaily article.

Why not a bike?

At a time when investing in environmentally conscious solutions to community problems is more appealing than ever, why hasn’t Denton made more efforts to cater to the growing cycling community?

Nowadays, riding a bike is more out of practicality than pleasure for many Dentonites who not only save themselves gas prices but also save their community a lung-full of pollution.

Thank goodness that many of our public buses have bike racks, but when will Denton add bike lanes to keep these travelers safer?

Why haven’t we lowered speed limits in areas where traffic is more and more on foot and cycle rather than vehicle?

And where in the world do you lock your bike when you go to a government building such as, say, the post office?

Denton needs to recognize and encourage biking as an effective transport strategy that’s not only cost-effective for many citizens (a.k.a. taxpayers) but also a great way to reduce our carbon footprint and growing bellies.

Tell all those gas-guzzlers to take a hike. As for me, I’ll have a bike.

Ali Foyt,


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