Mayor Burroughs Urges Support for Bike Lanes

The NTDaily just published an article about QCBS (Querencia Community Bike Shop), in which Mayor Burroughs provides some very useful insight on how best to lobby for improved bike lanes in Denton.

“One of the difficulties with 288 is that there aren’t very many bridges,” Burroughs said. “To get any kind of crossing, other than the intersections that are already there, would be extremely difficult and very expensive.”

Burroughs said that the best way to prioritize increased bike lanes between parks is to get the Parks and Recreations Committee to recommend additional connectivity. He added that concrete plans are a must for funding.

“Unless a committee … makes putting bike lanes up a priority, the city staff will not make it a priority,” Burroughs said. “Bike lanes on the street are a different matter. A request through the Environmental Committee of City Council or the Mobility Committee would be in order.”

Scripture Street will be a very important connector street to the Razor Ranch Development, which Burroughs said will be a large retail center for Denton upon completion. This will be located on the intersection of University and Bonnie Brae streets, where all the vacant space currently is.

Burroughs said that now is the time to act on bike lanes because a new Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club are opening in Rayzor Ranch.

“This would be a great time for concerned citizens to go to the Mobility Committee, the Environmental Committee and also the Parks and Recreation Committee and ask them to make putting up bike lanes a priority in this area,” he said.

I’m not sure how helpful bike lanes leading to Rayzor Ranch are, just because I notice more cycling across the center of town. I’d say crossing Carroll Blvd, Bell Ave, and anything around the campus and the square are ideal candidates for bike lanes and signage.

Here’s a nice explanation of bridge types and a cost range.

And here is a fascinating study (pdf) that shows imperical data on which warning devices caused more drivers to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. This is totally worth writing about in a longer post.

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