Beware the 2 X 4’s on Fulton at Linden intersection

That was painful.

I was riding south on Fulton on the way home from work, and I saw some skinny orange cones narrowing the lanes at the Linden intersection. I slowed down somewhat, and then BAM! Then came the burning groin pain and swearing.

Cyclists beware. There are some hazardous 2 X 4’s, squared edges and all, fastened to the asphalt at that intersection. I didn’t notice any bump, dip, or otherwise helpful warning signage. Just a near catastrophic loss of control in the rain, at night, in an intersection with cars.

The Northbound lane looked to have a beveled edge 2 X 4 at least, but that’s still not safe, in my opinion. I’m lucky the board didn’t destroy my wheels or hurt me more, but it definitely got me fired up.

I checked the city road construction web page and found a PDF document detailing that Fulton construction was supposed to last from Aug 25 to Oct 8. Today is the 14th, so don’t make any assumptions on road condition based on that web page.

I sent a polite, concerned email to and, and hopefully my concerns will make it to someone with control over the 2 X 4 speedbump brigade.

So much for no groin pain with a Brooks saddle.

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