city hearing on CVS vs Fry St, please attend!!!

Planning and Zoning Public Hearing on the Fry St Project – Wednesday, Nov. 14th- 6:30
PM at the City Council Chambers

Attention all cyclists in Denton, your voices and presence can help make a huge difference at the City Council Chambers on Wednesday evening. A public hearing for the zoning exemptions to build a CVS drive-through on Fry St will be held.

The P&Z public hearing for the CVS drive-through permit on Fry St. is coming up this Wednesday at 6:30 PM in the City Council Chambers. This zoning permit would allow construction of a CVS pharmacy as an anchor tenant for a 55,000 sq foot strip center. This will undoubtedly increase vehicle traffic and accident risk for cyclists and pedestrians.

The Denton Development Plan designates this area as “pedestrian friendly”, which is in direct contrast to the proposed zoning exemption. As of the last hearing on this topic, the council did not seem terribly concerned or opposed.

Show up early if you want to fill out the slip to speak (which makes a huge impression!).


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